Stray thoughts

I need help
I've had help from professionals
And unprofessionals
Anointed and not so anointed
Someone told me: "maybe you just need a touch from God."
Sure I'll take that too except I can't seem to find any ly'n around right now. I know He does miracles I've even seen some, but right know I'm not really sure I believe in them. I'm say'n I'm sure He can perform them, but I'm not sure I believe in them.

Every where I see miracles or others see them, there's a but and if there's no but there's always that stink of sweat. I'm kind of looki'n for that sweat less miracle. The one you would't be repelled by even if you really looked at it. All I see is stinky messy disgusting miracles. Well maybe that's the only way He makes them but I don't care, I want it clean. I'm tired of filth. I'm filthy enough. No I want the perfect miracle. Bill Johnson says there are no poopless cows. I want a poop less cow, live stock with epoxy up their a holes. A sovereign act of God free from human involvement free from sweat, blood and egotistical shit mixed in. It can't be to much to ask for, He is God, its not like He isn't able.

I know even Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by stinky animals. Well I'm a little scared that when I start rummaging thru the manger I won't find a newly born baby, only moldy feed, surrounded by a bitch a bastard and jackass, cause lately nothin seem to work. But I know He's there and I guess He's the only clean miracle that's ever been. The perfect act of God.

So Merry Christmas to me, I need to stop focusing on the bastard, and the jackass and more on the manger.

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